Mdina Gate: Why is it so Popular?

If your bucket list of things to do in Malta does not include Mdina Gate, you should reconsider it. Mdina Gate has become more and more popular over the last few years, and we’re here to discover together all the reasons why.

When Was Mdina Gate Built?

Mdina Gate was built in 1724. This was millenia after the main city Mdina was built (700 BC). Mdina Gate was mainly built as a necessary infrastructure in order to facilitate transportation in and out of the fortified city.

Fun Fact !

Out of all the beautiful places that were filmed in the famous series Game of Thrones Malta is amongst them! Mdina Gate appears in Game of Thrones in the 3rd episode of Season 1.

What is Mdina Gate called?

Because of the diversified empires that have lived in Malta, Mdina Gate has been given many different names throughout History. Here are some of the names Mdina Gate has been named:
  • Mdina Main Gate
  • Vilhena Gate
  • Il-Bieb tal-Imdina (Mdina Gate in maltese language)
  • Mdina is The Perfect Instagram Spot

    If you wish to find the best spots to take pictures in Malta, add Mdina Gate to your list! Not only can you have pictures with a unique architecture in the background, but also with the most iconic landscapes of the island!

    Is Mdina worth visiting?

    Amongst all the interesting things to do in Malta, Mdina is certainly worth your time! There you will enjoy the view, delicious food (especially cakes!) and some of the most important facts about Maltese History.


    There are many names that are known to this day, such as: Mdina Gate, Vilhena Gate, Mdina Main Gate and Il-Bieb tal-Imdina (which means Mdina Gate in Maltese).

    Yes, in the third episode of the very first season, we can see the stunning Mdina Gate in the background.

    Mdina (l-Imdina in Maltese) is famous for its gastronomy, history and stunning landscapes. Recently, Mdina Gate gave it even more popularity thanks to the Game of Thrones series.