What to do in Malta?

Do you want to know everything about Malta? Then, you’re in the right place. There are countless things to do in Malta and people struggle to find what will appeal to them. Let’s find out what is made for You.

Beaches in Malta

Malta is known for its crystal clear waters and hidden beaches. Unlike many other islands, Malta doesn’t have many sandy beaches. However, all these rocky beaches offer shelter for many aquatic animals. It will make your snorkeling experience unforgettable

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History of Malta

Did you know that Malta has one of the richest and most unique History? Four completely different cultures united over the centuries to create this truly authentic country. It impregnated into the architecture, language, gastronomy and formed the soul of this island.

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Water Activities

Who says island, says plenty of places to swim. But not only can you swim, but also enjoying some fun and popular water activities such as: kayaking, snorkeling, SUP, diving, surfing, … there surely is a water activity that will appeal to you. Discover with us what water activity you can do, when and where!

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Maltese Gastronomy

Rabbit you said? Yes, rabbit stew is one of the popular national dishIf you fancy some snacks, we got you covered as well: Pastizzi. Pastizzi are the most famous snack in Malta. They are cheap, succulent, and so popular that you can find them at every corner of each street.

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